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  • Remote Control for all TV Prank
  • Remote Control for all TV Prank
  • Remote Control for all TV Prank
  • Remote Control for all TV Prank
  • Remote Control for all TV Prank


Do you want to own a smart controller for your TVs for free? Are you tired of the broken button or the run-out battery of the real TV controller? No worry, Ultimate Remote Control for TV will turn your android phone into a super smart TV Controller. With our Smart TV Remote, you just need one android device (both android phone and android tablet) to control all your TVs.

Remote Control for All TV is a free application to control your Television functions through easy functionality of this app.

TV Remote for All Tv is really easy to configure for your television and is really easy-to-use. The Tv Remote for All Tv app allows you to experience a real TV remote like experience while using the app. Our app supports most TV brands and models. Whether you have a Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV or any other branded TV, you can always convert your android device to a remote for your TV.

This TV Remote Control app can also connect to your smart TV using WiFi and configuration happens in seconds. 

Remote control for tv is a tool which can replace your physical tv remote. Whenever you cannot find your remote or want to fun like fooling your friends than Tv remote control will be there to help you. It is always good and easy to use a single remote-control device to control all your electronic equipment.

The Remote-control works best on smartphones equipped with an Infra-Red (IR) blaster. For phones with no IR, such as Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 5, you can use Broad link WiFi-to-IR converter for the full functionality. Using WiFi, you can control numerous smart television and media streamers, such as, Samsung, LG, Android, Roku, Panasonic, Kodi, and Toshiba television.

=> Features:
• Power ON / OFF.
• AV / TV.
• Mute / Un-mute.
• Channel Digits buttons.
• Channel index and lists.
• Volume Up.
• Volume Down.
• Channel Up.
• Channel Down.
• Menu Button with up / down and left / right.
• Red / Green / Blue / Yellow (Multiple purpose soft keys).

Currently world’s leading television brands (SAMSUNG, LG, FUJITSU, Panasonic, SHARP, PHILIPS and SONY Remote controls) have been included in this application. We are working continuously to include maximum TV brands.

The difference between “Remote Control television” and other similar apps on Google Play, is that our application supports nearly 90% of the television market.

This application is compatible with:

• Remote control for Sony TV.
• Remote control for TV LG.
• Remote control for TV Philips.
• Remote control for Samsung TV.
• Remote control for TV Thomson.
• Remote control for TV FUNAI.
• Remote control for TV Hitachi.
• Remote control for TV Aiwa.
• Remote control for TV hisense.
• Remote control for TV maxent.
• Remote control for TV RCA.
• Remote control for TV technics.
• Remote control for TV vizio.
• Remote control for TV Sanyo.
• Remote control for Sharp TV.
• Remote control for TV Panasonic.
• Remote control for Vizio TV
• Remote control for TV Akai.


Remote Control for All TV is a prank application, just for fun and it does not work in real.
Remote control for Hitachi TV, Remote control for Philips, TV Remote control for Sanyo, TV Remote control for Akai, android tv box remote control and remote control for Tata sky setup box app

Thank for choosing TV Remote control!

What new in version: 1.0!



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